Meet the Creator!


Love that you're trying to get know more about our brand! I am Mariama, the creator and CEO of Prettylittleglow! I have been blessed with this amazing community of all these individuals with a heartwarming soul❤️ I always get the question aren’t you tired? Why you working so much? And I will tell you exactly why my work ethic for Prettylittleglow is so big!

As a girl that grew up between the boys and a mans world, as a black girl growing up in an all white community, as a muslim girl living in Belgium and as a foreigner in the country I originated from...I’ve always felt like an outcast
I would always try and force myself to fit in to those places for it to not work out. Eventually I took that mentality of don’t go where you’re not wanted.

Prettylittleglow is not only a business,
It’s a community.

I built it up from the ground and it’s a place where I feel wanted, loved, safe and happy.

And those feelings are what I want my customers to feel when they shop with me. I want my products to be associated with self-love, self-care and positive energy.

And that is why my work ethic is so big. So thank you for being a part of the community and I still can’t wrap my head around the idea that so many people decided to put their hard earned money in my business. Just have a little patience with me, I’m still in the learning process on how to manage everything on my own!

Remember you are welcome here, you are wanted here, you are safe here and you are loved!❤️ Feel free to connect with me on Instagram or Tiktok (@Prettylittleglow.co)!

Lots of love from the one and only,
Miss Glow






What is our mission?

Our mission is to enhance your beauty with products that are easy of use, affordable but still radiate luxury and made from quality. Our brand is here to break down the bridge between cosmetics & skincare. Why choose one if it can be both? Prettylittleglow is not just a business, it's a community. To give back to our community, we donate money to good causes, like food for homeless people, sick children, wells in third world countries and more! 


What do we do about the planet?

We make use of organic and vegan ingredients ((EU) 2019/701 approved). We are also a cruelty-free brand parabens-free, gluten-free and halal-friendly. And we are striving to use as minimal plastic when making our products and packaging our products or using biodegradable materials. 


What is our financial mission?

Our financial mission is to grow organically in a sustainable way. And to build a strong loyal community. We want to have the space to keep expanding and growing.